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Anti Cellulite Gel

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The Anti-Cellulite Cream-in-Gel by LPG endermologie® takes targeted, intensive, and simultaneous action on the causes of cellulite. Enriched with the power of highly concentrated active ingredients, it helps to reverse the cellulite-forming process by reducing the excessive expansion of fat cells, fighting fluid retention, and improving the overall appearance of the skin.

The results of the Anti-Cellulite Cream-in-Gel include:

  • Visibly smoother skin
  • Reduced dimpling
  • Toned figure


The Anti-Cellulite Cream-in-Gel comes in a 200ml tube and is a cream-gel texture. Using a combination of cream and gel helps the product to easily glide when massaged into the skin and provides a feeling of freshness. The Anti-Cellulite Cream-in-Gel is highly concentrated in active ingredients of natural origin, that act in synergy to target stubborn fat and excess water retention. These key ingredients include: Marine Plant Coral, Bitter Orange Petals and Brown Algae.

Also featuring the new LPG® signature fragrance, the Cream-in-Gel blends fruity and floral notes of mandarin, blackcurrant and crisp green fruit that unfold into a floral heart of jasmine, rose and orange blossom, finishing with a warm base of sandalwood and white musk.

Good to know

Cellulite is caused by a combination of adipose (excess fat under the skin) and aqueous (excess water in skin tissue) factors and if left untreated can become hard and painful tissue. This hard tissue is called fibrous cellulite and is what causes the appearance of an “orange peel” texture on the skin. LPG endermologie® have developed the Anti-Cellulite skincare line so that action can be taken as soon as the first signs of cellulite appear.


Apply the Anti-Cellulite Cream-in-Gel morning and/or evening in circular motions across the areas you would like to target. To optimise product absorption and results, warm up the product between your hands before gently massaging using a “palpate” or “roll” technique where you lift the skin up a little and hold it between your thumb and fingers before kneading it from the inside outwards.


For the best results, this product is recommended to be used in combination with the Anti-Cellulite Intensive Serum. These skincare products are at the cutting-edge of innovation and have been formulated to smooth the appearance of orange peel skin and optimise the benefits of endermologie® treatments.

Ingredients: The Anti-Cellulite Cream-in-Gel uses the exclusive LPG® complex to hydrate, activate and stimulate the skin.

  • Marine Plant Coral: releases and limits stubborn fat
  • Bitter Orange Petals: drains and decongests the tissue
  • Brown Algae: Smooths and firms the skin

Complementary products:

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