Collection: Rawceuticals - cold pressed chemistry.

Rawceuticals, a pioneering product range under emerginC, beautifully merges a broad variety of pure, active cold-pressed plant extracts with naturally-derived cosmeceutical components, ensuring unparalleled skincare results. Each product within this range is meticulously crafted in small batches, guaranteeing freshness and maximum efficacy.

The signature process of cold pressing utilised by Rawceuticals involves meticulously crushing fruit, vegetables, or seeds at a low temperature—never exceeding 120° F or 49° C. This methodpreserves the natural integrity and nutritional richness of the resultant fruit and seed oils.

The Rawceuticals collection is endowed with a host of cold-pressed ingredients, including sunflower seed oil, sesame seed oil, olive fruit oil, hemp seed oil, chia seed oil, carrot seed oil, and more. Delight in the indulgence of fair-trade and virgin cocoa butter, coffee oil, Kakadu plum oil, coconut oil, black cumin seed oil, tomato seed oil, and raspberry seed oil in your skincare routine.

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