We've all sat for hours scrolling through satisfying Hydrojelly™ Mask videos, falling deeper in love with those sweet electrolyte infused clouds of jelly with each second. And if you haven't...trust us, you will. The satisfaction is undeniable.  

The Hydrojelly Mask, Jellymask and Rubbermask™ are range of peel-off masks created by Esthemax. Now, rubber masks and alganate masks have been around in professional beauty treatments forever, but after several innovations, Esthemax invented the famous Hydrojelly Mask we all know today.

Packed with new electrolyte technology, the most refined alginate and no clay, Hydrojelly Masks are not only mesmerising, but also extremely beneficial to the skin.

The skin can't actually absorb or retain water without the proper balance of electrolytes. And the less hydrated your skin is, the more insufficient your cellular processes become. By infusing electrolytes into your skin, the Hydrojelly™ Masks deliver optimal hydration and improve your overall skin health whilst being able to target different skin concerns.

But of course, there are imitation masks out there claiming to be Hydrojelly Masks whilst delivering your skin with ✨unknown✨ benefits. 

But never fear, here's how to spot the difference:


  • Formulated to work with other skincare ranges
  • Filled with ingredients that benefit the skin, as a professional treatment our skin goals are to infuse moisture, electrolytes & actives into the skin with as many USDA certified organic ingredients as possible.
  • Formulated without Parabens, Sulfates, Phthalates and Talc
  • Formulated without Corn Starch/ Zea Mays which is used by imitation brands for cost reduction but it can take moisture from the skin.
  • Made in Los Angeles, USA
  • As the original creators, Esthemax own the trademark for Hydrojelly™ Jellymask™ Rubbermask™. 



  • Look out for ingredients like corn starch / zea mays which is used as a filler ingredient to reduce cost and is a moisture absorbing ingredient. which has the ability to take moisture from the skin.
  • Some imitation brands claim to have electrolytes but don’t actually have any electrolytic properties
  • Some colouring has left tints/ stains on the skin
  • Made in China with unverified sources of ingredients  
  • They will not have the Esthemax logo on the packaging

    *** Note on Corn starch as an ingredient: Corn starch while not in any way dangerous to the skin, it is a moisture absorbing ingredient. Have you ever made gravy a little too watery and have used corn starch to absorb the moisture & thicken the sauce? This is exactly what it does in the Imitation masks.
    This means that if corn starch is made up as the base ingredient of an imitation mask, the skin goal of "hydration" becomes counteracted. It doesnt really make much sense to use an ingredient that absorbs hydration & moisture when you are trying to deliver hydration into the skin. Many imitation brands also used this as a base ingredient because it is super cheap. 

    Tip: If you want to know whether a Hydrojelly Mask is real or fake, just look for the Esthemax logo on the original packaging.