Have you tried dry body brushing?

Dry brushing is a classic Ayurvedic ritual that involves brushing your body with a special bristled tool from on feet to neck.

It exfoliates your skin. Dry brushing is an effective physical exfoliator, meaning it's manually removing dead skin cells from the top layer, improving the appearance, and ensuring hydrating and nourishing treatments more effective. 

  • Encourage circulation. Lymphatic drainage and circulation is the most often talked about benefit of this ritual. Your lymphatic system works alongside your circulatory system and removes waste in the body.

  • A moment of self-care. Dry brushing encourages you to take a moment and focus on your body.

1. Find your brush.

Finding your perfect dry brush brush is highly subjective. You’ll want a stiff bristle but nothing too abrasive. There are options that have a long handle or none. This is a personal preference, but many find it easier with a handle as it will help you hit those hard-to-reach places, like on your back. Can’t chose check out https://shopfacialimpressions.com/collections/bodecare/products/tampico-fsc-dry-body-brush it has a removable handle. 

2. Get ready

You'll need to be completely nude. It’s best to do this before a shower, as you’ll be lifting up dead skin cells that you'll likely want to wash off right after. I like to do it in the shower as it keeps all the dead skin cells in one place, easy to wash away.

3. Master the movement.

The strokes should be medium pressure—you want to feel something happening without irritating the skin. Long strokes are the best since you are trying to push up lymph fluid, and that requires a delicate and rhythmic touch. You'll also want to do each pass more than once and overlap sections while brushing. Along bends (like your joints) or smaller areas, you will switch to shorter, quicker movements. 

Bodecare Dry Body Brushing at HOME

4. Start at the feet and move upward.

The point of dry brushing is to encourage lymph toward your upper torso and chest, where the lymphatic fluid will reenter the bloodstream: You always want to follow the circulatory system. You will take the legs in sections. Start with the top of the feet, then target the lower leg, the knee, and the thigh. When you work on the back of the thigh, treat the butt as an extension of your thigh and continue upward onto the small of your back. As for your stomach, some recommend making circular motions (it's thought to aid in digestion, but make sure to go in a clockwise direction) while others prefer long strokes. You can find what feels right for you. 

5. Treat the upper body.

Much like you start with the feet, start with the hands and go across toward the heart. Do a similar routine as you did with the legs: Brush the back of your hands, work around the forearm, and then around the upper arm. Be mindful to treat under the upper arms with extra attention, as that's where many lymph nodes are (as a rule of thumb, you'll want to always pay attention to areas with lymph nodes). 

6. Then finish with neck and décolletage.

You'll want to be extra gentle, as it's more delicate skin. Start at the jawline and move down toward your chest. Finish by going over your heart in a circular motion to end your routine. 

7. Afterward, shower as usual.

This will help clean the body of the dead skin cells that have come loose during the brushing process.

8. After the shower, time to nourish and hydrate.

The skin will absorb product more efficiently, it's important to use healthy, high-quality ingredients after dry brushing sessions. 

Do it while your skin is damp, as smoothing on an oil or cream will seal in water from your shower. Always moisturise with damp skin!

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9. Keep at it.

Like everything consistency is the key, many people find it energising I always enjoy adding this to my morning routine a great way to start the day. 

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