Dr Pickles premium Tattoo balm 20g + 75g - Facial Impressions

Dr Pickles premium Tattoo balm 20g + 75g

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Transform your tattoo aftercare routine with Dr. Pickles Premium Tattoo Balm, meticulously crafted to nurture your inked masterpiece. This unique formula harmoniously blends time-honoured remedies with cutting-edge skincare technology, ensuring your tattoo receives optimal care for a vibrant, long-lasting look.

Designed to soothe and accelerate the healing process, Dr. Pickles Premium Tattoo Balm prevents skin dehydration and minimises scabbing, promoting a smooth and healthy recovery. The inclusion of Carica Papaya, renowned for its healing properties, alongside D-Panthenol and Allantoin, provides deep nourishment and protection to your tattooed skin.

What sets Dr. Pickles apart is its commitment to purity. Free from petroleum products, lanolin, perfumes, and parabens, this balm is gentle yet effective, suitable for even the most sensitive skin types. Whether you're showcasing a new tattoo or maintaining the vibrancy of existing ones, our balm ensures your skin remains moisturised, supple, and beautifully enhanced.

Embrace the confidence of knowing your tattoo is in expert hands with Dr. Pickles Premium Tattoo Balm. Ideal for daily care post-tattooing, it not only preserves the intricate details of your artwork but also enhances color clarity and overall appearance. Make Dr. Pickles a staple in your skincare regimen and discover the difference in how your tattoos look and feel.

Elevate your tattoo aftercare with Dr. Pickles Premium Tattoo Balm and experience the synergy of tradition and innovation in skincare. Your tattoos deserve nothing less than the best.